Shaving Collectibles
The National Shaving Mug Collectors Association (NSMCA) is a non-profit social organization formed in 1980 by a small group of shaving mug collectors. Our mission is to promote the collection of barber memorabilia; acquire, preserve and organize barber information and to educate our members on all aspects of barbering and the role of the barbershop in the American culture.

We are more!

Although originally formed by shaving mug collectors, the group’s interest has expanded to include all items of barbershop and shaving memorabilia such as:
  • barber bottles
  • barber poles
  • barber photos
  • barbershop advertising
  • barber supply catalogs
  • razor blades and wrappers
  • barber furniture
  • straight and safety razors
  • surgeon’s bowls
  • spittoons
  • razor blade sharpeners
  • razor blade banks
  • shaving brushes
  • ephemera

  • Many of our members have authored books and articles on these topics. Our reference library has several books and over 250 articles, some dating back more than 70 years, on all aspects of Barber Shop antiques, collectables and culture.

    We now exist in 40 States and 4 Countries. Our membership includes barbers, antique dealers, auctioneers, authors, museum curators and collectors of a broad range of memorabilia.

    We publish a quarterly newsletter and meet twice a year to display and share our collections, conduct business meetings and educational seminars and most importantly enjoy the camaraderie of friendly and fun-loving people with similar interests.

    Our members are active on internet business sites like E-BAY and operate to a strict code of ethics in all business transactions.

    We are looking for members from all around the World who have an interest in Barber Shop Memorabilia. Dues are only $35 a year. Click on “Join” to view the advantages of membership or click on “Register” to find a registration form.